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Conference Proceedings, 2009-2010

Nicole Conway (Saenz), Jeanine L. Ash, Philip J. Stokes, Sarah Truebe, Kendra Murray, and Ben K. Sternberg - Saturday Science Academy at the University of Arizona: An opportunity to assess the effects of earth science outreach on Tucson’s students.  University of Arizona GeoDaze 2010 Symposium.

Leanndra Romero, Lourdes Mexicano, and Karl Flessa - Tides and time: Salinity in the Ciénega de Santa Clara, a Colorado Delta wetland – no influence from the Gulf of California.  University of Arizona GeoDaze 2010 Symposium.

Photo: SAGUARO students resting at the top of a mesa in the Book Cliffs region of western Colorado.  The group hiked to the top to see a two meter thick section of Lava Creek B Ash (from the geologically recent Yellowstone eruption that blanketed much of North America) and to collect stromatolites (fossil algae) that had eroded from the Eocene Green River formation.